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Dhoka Quotes in Urdu 2 Line

The first step to enjoying any Sad poetry is to observe that it is a sad poem. Everyone sometimes feels depressed, frustrated and weak and does it in their own way. But for poets, it’s the best expression in words. So the real sad poetry is a diary of the emotions that have plagued a poet for some time.

Urdu poetry gives people the opportunity to connect with the other person on a very personal level and talk about emotional intimacy. A sad poem is best read whenever you are possibly depressed and depressed. They reflect a certain amount on an issue that is painful. Grief poems can offer the right amount of comfort to forget a sad (yet memorable) event with your partner or even with yourself. Trying sad poetry when you are feeling anxious gives you more insight into your inner feelings.

There are two basic forms of poetry, all of which mean deep feelings in Urdu. Poetry of love and sadness. There are two deeply written emotions in our lives. The two most popular poets are Urdu melancholy and Urdu romantic poetry. These are the most sought after topics in poetry. Girls want to feel or write to their husbands. And in Urdu, when you are unhappy or on the verge of separation, you express that feeling with sad poems. Since Urdu is the common language in these subcontinents, they express their feelings of love and sorrow through traditional style and popular literature.

The five most influential poets are:

Mir Taqi Mir

Mirza Ghalib

Mir Anees

Allama Iqbal

Josh Malihabadi

Sad poetry can be found all over the world. Like in cards, pictures and books. Sad things can be found on the internet. Poets may write sad poems online so that others can read them and so that they can get opinions in many cases. Although it is not the most searched for poetry, it is the most written form of poetry.

Is Safar Main

Main Sada Se Akaila Tha..!


اس سفر میں

میں صدا سے اکیلا تھا


Jo Zuban Se Ada Nahin Hotay

Unhin Lafzon Se Ashk Bantay Hain..!


جو زبان سے ادا نہیں ہوتے

انہی لفظوں سے اشک بنتے ہیں


Mizaaj Apna Kuch Aaisa Bana Lia Main Ne

Kisi Ne Kuch Bhe Kaha Bas Muskura Dia Main..!


مزاج اپنا کچھ ایسا بنا لیا میں نے

کسی نے کچھ بھی کہا بس مسکرا دیا میں


Qadar Ho He Jati Hai

Par Waqt Nikal Jaata Hai..!


قدر ہو ہی جاتی ہے

پر وقت نکل جاتا ہے


Janab Rehnay DiJiay Ye Tasaliyan

Bicharnay Wala Meri Kainaat Tha..!


جناب رہنے دیجئے یہ تسلیاں

بچھڑنے والا میری کائنات تھا


Jatay Jatay Wo Kis Liay Palta?

Ab Sataey Ga Ye Sawal Mujhay..!


جاتے جاتے وہ کس لیے پلٹا

اب ستائے گا یہ سوال مجھے


Khalis KiJiay

Beshak Nafrat KiJiay..!


خالص کیجئے

بیشک نفرت کیجئے


Tanha Nahin Hon Main

Mujh Main Basa Hai Wo..!


تنہا نہیں ہوں میں

مجھ میں بسا ہے وہ


Dil Un Se Ja Mila

Jin Se Muqadar Nahin Milta..!


دل ان سے جا ملا

جن سے مقدر نہیں ملتا


Khushi Apni Thi Baant Di Ham Ne

Gam Tha Us Ka Sanbhaal Kay Rakha..!


خوشی اپنی تھی بانٹ دی ہم نے

غم تھا اس کا سنبھال کے رکھا


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